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Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty
Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty

Bike, trekking and more .

Orienteering happens in the open on fields and in the woodlands, on hills and on plains. No requirements are needed apart from a basic sense of observation an orientation.

There is a popular saying that happiness is best found on horsebacks. Fiuggi and its surroundings provide ideal opportunities for equitation for beginners as well as for more experienced riders.

Immerge yourselves in the untouched wilderness of nature, experience the refreshing power of the natural force of the water through rafting on the river Aniene. Drift along gorges, trees and beaches in the natural rhythm of floating water. Are you ready for this explosion of natural sensations? Then fasten your life jacket and go!

Archery is a pleasant way to become one with the surroundings through a little physical and mental activity. Just like the arrow reaches its target, you can immerge yourselves in concentration in the midst of the forest in order to forget the bustle of everyday life.

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