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Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty
Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty

The pleasure to keep in shape at the hotel Ambasciatori!

Tangerine Wellness Centre offers you a fitness centre for physical activity.
It consists of the most modern Technogym machines of the "Excite" line:

RUN: The professional tapis-roulant that gives you the possibility to run on an elastic surface. It absorbs the impact forces and renders each step you take lighter. This gives you the sensation of running on a path in the open air.

SINCRO: This professional gadget is suitable for all levels of training, for elderly people and athletes as well, improving your coordination and equilibration. The holistic cardiovascular body activity through Syncro allows the reduction of the fat mass and the improvement of the elasticity and the flexibility of muscles and articulations.

RECLINE: Recline is a machine that strengthens the superior part of your leg muscles and it is particularly adapted for those who need to do cardiovascular activity. The adjustable back allows you to train without straining the back muscles.

CARDIOWAVE: This is the only cardiovascular machine that gives you the possibility to do an exercise on more levels contemporarily in an amusing and effective way. The training done with Cardiowave prevalently involves the leg muscles, in particular those of the bottom, without stressing the joints excessively.

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