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Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty
Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty

Situated at the centre of the Italian peninsula, in-between Rome and Naples at the feet of the Ernici mountain range, Fiuggi is embedded in a wonderful green surrounding in a region that is called "Ciociaria", which is an area of an immense cultural and natural suggestion. Besides Rome, Fiuggi is the city of Lazio which is best equipped and sought for in terms of tourism, yet, the atmosphere differs from that of a huge holiday destination: Fiuggi is a small medieval town on a country that lives hand in hand with its original natural and cultural rhythms.

The pleasant and curative effect of the water of Fiuggi is proven scientifically. It results from the special geological features of the surroundings. In the city of Fiuggi, you can drink the diuretic water straight from two fountains, Bonifacio VIII and Anticolana.

.The Thermal Spring of Fiuggi.
The water from the thermal springs of Fiuggi is classified as "natural, fresh water with little mineral content." Its pleasant and curative effects derive from the special geological features of the surrounding area; its diuretic effect is scientifically proven. And this effect manifests itself on various levels. Renal calculi are decomposed and their formation is prevented, the water of Fiuggi is also an ideal preparation for all kinds of operations in the urinary passage and as a form of therapy after the intervention. The traditional cure with the water of Fiuggi should be undergone twice a year for a period lasting between 12 and 15 days. This period of time corresponds to the duration of the hydro-saline metabolism and its circle of reactions to the cure. It is best to drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach and, if necessary, also in the afternoon after lunch and its digestion. A walk in between is recommended, for easy movements improve the circling of water within the body. Relaxation and a conscious and healthy nutrition are further aspects that support regeneration. You find all of this right at the thermal springs of Fiuggi.

.the fountain Bonifacio VIII.
The fountain Bonifacio VIII is open all year. Built at the beginning of the 20th Century in the Liberty style, it can host up to 25.000 visitors in its generously designed park and the fountains distributed therein. Its impressive central saloon is heated in winter and, thus, it renders the drinking of the water enjoyable in colder seasons as well.

.the fountain Anticolana…
The fountain Anticolana is open from April to November. It is also called Fonte Nuova because it was constructed in the 20s. It is situated in the midst of a huge park which also hosts tennis courts, bocce lanes, a crazy golf course, Ping-Pong, a large playground for children and a stage for orchestras.

In the area around Fiuggi there are many places of cultural and historical interest that are worth a visit: abbeys and monasteries (Certosa di Trisulti, Casamari, Subiaco), Anagni, known as the famous city of popes, the cyclopean walls in Alatri, Arpino, Ferentino and Atina and medieval castles and cities.

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