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Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty
Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty

CERTOSA DI TRISULTI. This Cistercian abbey was constructed in an early gothic style by Pope Innocenzo III around 1200. The church, the presbytery with paintings by Calci, Battelli and Veri, the choir stalls, the large cloister, the refectory, a pharmacy in its original state from the early modern times (17th century), which gives a detailed insight into forms of therapy of that period (herbs, drugs, ointments and other medicines), all this is definitely worth a visit. Finally, in the distillery you can taste and buy liquors that are produced by the Cistercian paters..
CASAMARI. The peculiarity of this abbey is its sprawling arched entrance, which was constructed in a diminished form of the traditional Italian Gothic style and doesn't reach its typical heights. The residential building of the abbey, the basilica with the splendid choir stalls, the cloister, the refectory and an archaeological museum can be visited. Art lovers can marvel at paintings from the school of Raffaello, del Sasso Ferrato, di Cecco and del Caravaggio. The library and pharmacy round off the visit to this beautiful place.
MONTECASSINO. This symbolic place of Christianity got into the cross line of the enemies of the Second World War and was completely destroyed within a couple of hours when a true hail of bombs fell onto the area on 15th February 1944. After the end of the war, the monastery was rebuilt in its exact original composition. The residential building, the cloister at the entrance, the cloister of the "benefactors" and of "Bramante", the loggia, the grave of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastika, the choir and the museum of the monastery can be visited.
FOSSANOVA. This is a wonderful example of Gothic-Cistercian architecture in Italy. The monks of Fossanova built a meticulous drainage system, which dried up the muddy area, a Herculean deed from which the entire region profited. Worth seeing are the church, the refectory and the room in which Saint Thomas of Aquin died in 1274.

ANAGNI. The city of Popes. Visit the city walls, the cathedral with the fully painted crypt (which is also called "the medieval Sistine Chapel"), the treasury museum, the palace "Bonifacio VIII," the municipal palace, the arcades and the churches "Sant' Andrea" and "Sant'Angelo".
ALATRI. An urban pearl which is surrounded by rings of walls. Their legendary constructors give Alatri its denotation as city of the Cyclopes. Besides these huge, piled up blocks of stone, the acropolis with the cathedral "San Paolo" enthroned on it is a wonderful place you should not miss. Further sights in Alatri include the square "Santa Maria Maggiore," the palace "Conti Gentili," the archaeological museum, the church Saint Silvester and the Church of the Holy Francesco, in which also a cloak of the saint is conserved.
FERENTINO. This is a true treasure chest filled with ancient findings. Visit the city walls, the acropolis, the roofed Roman theatre and the market, the church "Santa Maria Maggiore," the monastery of Saint Antonio Abate in which Pope Celestino V was originally buried.
ARPINO. This city is embraced by impressing Pelasgian walls. Their imposing arches give an insight into ancient arts of construction: in fact, they were built by piling stone blocks upon each other without the aid of binders such as cement. Do not miss Civitavecchia with its megalithic walls, the church "Santissima Trinta" (Holy Trinity), the communal square with the lyceum "Tulliano," and the Benedictine monastery, in which paintings by Cavalier D'Arpino (Giuseppe Cesari, 16th century) can be viewed.
ATINA. This is a lovely medieval town which is situated on the slopes of the "Comino" valley. The "Palazzo Ducale" as well as the square of Saturn invite you to linger, and so does the annual, well-known Atina Jazz Festival.
VEROLI. This is a small medieval town surrounded by cyclopean walls. They contain the first Roman calendar chiselled in marble, the so-called "Fasti Verulani." Further attractive destinations are the cathedral "Sant'Andrea," the basilica "Santa Salome" with its holy stairs, the library "Giovardina" with its parchment manuscripts and papal bulls and, finally, the museum of herbs from the Ernici mountains.

SERMONETA. With its impressive castle Caetani, the town of Sermoneta dominates the plain of the Pontina. This defence installation consists of a donjon, walls and cisterns, all of them erected in the 13th century.
NIMFA.This is definitely a highlight in the entire region of Lazio! The suggestive left-over of a medieval town, the ruins of a castle and its walls, churches and residential buildings, all this in a splendid natural setting. A botanical garden, wide forests and fields, which are tended by the WWF, render Ninfa a dream-like place.
FONDI. The legend tells that this city was erected by Hercules. Visit the church "Santa Maria Assunta," the cathedral "San Pietro," the church of Saint Francis, the castle Caetani with the municipal museum, the "Palazzo del Principe" and the "Giudea," a medieval Jewish quarter. ITRI. This city in the mountains "Aurunci" developed around its castle with its imposing tower. It was originally encircled by three rings of walls which included different gates, their remains as well as the castle, the churches "San Michele Arcangelo" and "Annunziata" are fascinating to visit. At just 10 kilometres from the village there is the monastery "Madonna della Civita," a popular destination for pilgrims.
FUMONE. This city was born when the papacy chose the castle as vantage point to spot approaching enemies. The castle with its pendant gardens is a rewarding destination for a tour.
TORRE CAJETANI. This small village developed around the castle of the Cajetani family, which was built in the 13th Century. It was amplified several times in order to be up-to-date to its function as point of defence of the entire valley "Anticolana."

SABAUDIA.The locality of Sabaudia was constructed in 1933 next to the lake Paola, which is nowadays called after the town. It was planned as a centre of administration and commerce, as market place for the exchange of products from the surrounding agricultural areas. Sabaudia is a prime example of rational architecture in Italy.
NORMA. . The ancient Norba is situated next to the modern town Norma. The city walls of a length of more than two kilometres in their polygonal arrangements and, furthermore, the natural beauty in which the city is embedded, are worth seeing, and so are the archaeological and the chocolate museum.
SAN FELICE CIRCEO. This small town is part of the plains of the "Pontina," yet, it is slightly elevated on the "Circeo," that is a lower mountainous range which encloses the Gulf of Gaeta. The sights of the city are the feudal palace, the tower of the Templar, the "Villa di Domiziano," the so-called "caves of the goats," the temple of Circe and the idyllic promontory "Faro" and "Punta Rossa." Don't miss the local wineries, in which you can have a taste of and of course buy the exquisite white and red wines produced in the area.

GAETA. A small, idyllic foreland which encloses the Gulf of Gaeta. The old town of Gaeta developed around the castle "Angioino Aragonese," while the dome is at the core of the modern part of the city. On the "Orlando" mountain you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the surrounding area among forests of stone pines and in the fresh salty breeze of the Sea. Here, you can also find the church of pilgrimage to the Holy Trinity and the natural spectacle of the "Montagna Spaccata," that is the cleft mountain.
FORMIA. This is a classical Roman holiday resort which is sought for due to its mild climate. Posh villas adjoin imposing residences.
CASSINO. The new Cassino lies at the feet of the "Monte Cairo." It was reconstructed after its total destruction in the Second World War. Today, it is a well-known university town. Besides its famous monastery, it is also significant because of its archaeological findings , the National Museum, and the British, German and Polish military cemetery.
PASTENA. This medieval town is famous for its suggestive caves, which extend themselves for more than three kilometres. Pastena itself is a very lively village which hosts several festivals all year round: the "albero della Cuccagna" corresponds to the maypole and derives from an imaginary land of the plenty. There are also the festivals of the cherry with a traditional procession, that of Saint "Sinforo" and the festival of the porcino. These are a few among many celebrations that render Pastena an attractive destination.

FIUGGI. The therapeutic effect of the waters of Fiuggi is well-known in Italy and proved scientifically. Distinguished persons, such as Pope Bonifacio VIII and Michelangelo, praised its wondrous effects. The city of Fiuggi consists of the historic old town Fiuggi Città, which is situated on a hill which offers marvellous sights on the surroundings from its platforms. With its picturesque, labyrinthine alleys, squares and adjoining houses, palaces, and the churches "Madonna della Vittoria" and "San Biagio," Fiuggi is a rewarding destination.
LAGO DI CANTERNO. This lake is of karstic origin and is known as one of the wealthiest in fish. Unfortunately, swimming in it is prohibited due to its mighty tides and swirls.
SPERLONGA.The so-called "Grotta di Tiberio" near the coastal town of Sperlonga is among the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Lazio region. The blue oasis of the "Villa di Tiberio" is the ideal place for lovers of the sea: it is the starting point for boat trips as well as underwater excursions.
NATIONAL PARK DEL CIRCEO. The park spreads around the centre of Sabaudia, where guides can be booked in order to get to know the multiplicity of the flora and fauna. Additionally, boats, canoes and even a plane are at your disposal to get to know the park and its distinctiveness from different angles of perspective.

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