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Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty
Tangerine Spa  (Fiuggi) - Wellness & Beauty

Walking on the mountains of the Ciociaria region...

Medieval forts and cathedrals, small towns and their enchanting castles: the Ciociaria region is one of the richest in the entire Lazio region in terms of culture and history, and these treasures can also be discovered by feet. Different itineraries are at your disposal and they lead you to places at the heart of the territory in which the clocks seem to have stopped long ago, a real journey back in time. Some examples of places to discover on feet:

From Subiaco to Santa Scolastica and San Benedetto

The monasteries of Santa Scolastica and San Benedetto belong to the best-known objects of interest in the entire Lazio region and they are visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. They can be reached via paths and shortcuts away from traffic routes.

In the valley of the river Aniene
The Aniene is the most important river of the Simbruini mountain range. In between Ponte Comunacque and Subiaco it flows in an extraordinary valley which is captivating due to the natural state it is in and its beautiful wilderness.

The ring of the Santissima Trinità
This splendid hiking trail leads around the rock face called "Tagliata" in a ring-shaped form. It passes the monastery of the "Santissima Trinita" and offers wonderful sights on the surrounding area. The rock, which contains several difficult climbing routes, is the home of different kinds of birds of prey, which can be observed from the path.

Around the lake of Canterno
At the centre of wide plateau in the South of Fiuggi, the Lake of Canterno is a rewarding place of excursions. Besides different varieties of birds which nest around it and can be observed, the mountain range of the Ernici offers an impressive natural frame, especially in winter when its peaks glimmer in a white snowy dress.

Promenades in Rome

Urban Trekking combines physical movement with cultural enjoyments: on feet, places of special suggestion and cultural beauty can be reached. The nearby "eternal" city of Rome offers a special, magical scenery for this activity; we have created some topical itineraries in the Italian capital for you that allow you to make the best of the time you spend and, above all, the miles you walk there! Some proposals:

Il Grande Rinascimento: from Piazza Venezia to Piazza Navona
Il Grande Rinascimento: from Piazza Navona to Piazza San Pietro

Two paths which combine the most suggestive places in the city: a walk straight into the heart of Renaissance Italy.

La Dolce Vita
Following the footsteps of Federico Fellini and his classic "La Dolce Vita" from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, this is a voyage that oscillates between the Renaissance and Modernity.

Around the Villa Borghese
Due to its central position in the city centre, the Villa Borghese is the most popular recreational area for the inhabitants of the Italian capital. In this parkland, which measures 80 hectares, you find ample alleys, several fountains, monuments, art galleries, grand buildings and wonderful perspectives on the city.

Piazza del Popolo and Via del Corso
Recreation on the central streets of Rome, in the point of intersection between ancient and modern ways of life. Enjoy the "dolce far niente" in one of the numerous cafes on the lively Piazza del Popolo or do some shopping.

This holistic physical activity can be executed at every age and without any specific preconditions, all you need are two specially designed sticks. Besides the beneficent effects on your muscles and posture, this activity is captivating because it can be carried out everywhere in the open, is basically without any costs and makes a lot of fun.

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